Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions Online

To use this system you must complete registration forms in the practice to acquire a username and password.  Please come into the surgery and speak to one of the receptionists who will be able to help you.

How to order a prescription

You will find a white prescription request form attached to your green prescription (a copy of the white form can be obtained from reception). Please hold on to this white prescription request form. A week before you need your medication, please mark off the items you need, sign the form and put into the prescription request slot at the practice reception desk.
If you take medication on a long-term basis, you can request a repeat prescription either via post, by faxing us on 0161 448 4520, by asking at reception or by following the link at the bottom of this page to the online access page. We will only accept phone requests from terminally ill or housebound patients. If there are no problems or queries about your repeat prescription, the prescription will be ready for collection in 2-3 days.

Please allow at least 48 hours for the prescription to be processed. When you request a prescription, the prescription has to be processed and then given to your GP to check and authorise. This process takes two days and, if there are queries or problems, this may take longer. In these cases, the GP will leave a message for you and may not authorise certain items.

Some patients may need medication on a long-term basis. Your GP will decide with you which medicines you need to take long-term. These medicines can be issued for a set period, usually on a one or two month prescription, but the GP will vary this review date for each patient. Certain medicines cannot be given on long-term prescriptions, e.g antidepressants.

If your medicines are changed, the new medication may not be included on your repeat list until the GP has confirmed that the new medication is suitable for you.

Oral contraception pills are not given out on repeat prescription. You will be issued a 3 or 6 month supply and you will need to see your GP or nurse for a blood pressure and pill check with each prescription.

Certain drugs require regular monitoring and blood tests. For example, patients on lithium will require lithium, kidney and thyroid blood tests. If you have not had the necessary blood tests taken, you may not be issued with your repeat prescription.

Order repeat prescriptions via your local pharmacy

Ordering repeat prescriptions can be a pain and can take up a lot of your time. If you regularly order repeat prescriptions from your GP, your local pharmacy can save you time and trouble.

You can order your prescription from the practice and then collect your medicines directly from the pharmacy of your choice (ask your local pharmacist how to register for this service). You won’t have to wait for your medicines to be dispensed.

If your medications change you must let your pharmacy know.

Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

Extensive exemption and remission arrangements protect those likely to have difficulty in paying charges (NHS prescription and dental charges, optical and hospital travel costs).

The NHS prescription charge is a flat-rate amount which successive Governments have thought it reasonable to charge for those who can afford to pay for their medicines.  Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) offer real savings for people who need extensive medication.

NHS charges

Charges apply in England only. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales prescriptions are free of charge.

If you will have to pay for four or more prescription items in three months, or more than 15 items in 12 months, you may find it cheaper to buy a PPC.

For more information about Prescriptions charges please visit the NHS Choices website.